The Cover on the Book: One More Thing


PigpenHow could I forget makeup?  Ladies, you need a little makeup for a finished look when you go to work.  Years back, the Ivory Soap Girl was the fresh-faced,  icon of beauty and purity.  She shined down from billboards and smiled up from magazines, makeup-free and beautiful.  But alas, it was all a lie.   The Ivory Girl wore makeup; she just wore it in a way that she didn’t look made up.

We women should wear a little makeup when we go to work.  You’ll look better, feel more confident, and instill more confidence in others, than you will without it. You will look better.  Come on, have you ever seen a makeover that didn’t include makeup?

When you are in a wedding or you get married, you get made up.  Why is this the only time you think you need makeup?  If you really don’t think you need it, you would never wear it.  But you should.

Every woman needs a little help to look her best and feel her best.  A light foundation evens out skin tone.  A little blush highlights your cheekbones and you look fresh.  A sweep of mascara gives your eyes definition.  Lipstick gives a bit of color and finish to your look.  Don’t be lazy!  Wear lipstick.

Makeup for work is not the result of a little extra time in the morning, it is good grooming.  It is part of getting dressed for work.  It is not optional. It should be routine.  (You wouldn’t leave off your pants or skirt and say that you didn’t have time, would you?  I hope not!)

Nails are part of making up.  You don’t need long claws or purple nails, in fact, that is not appropriate for work.  You do need self care and good grooming in the form of a weekly manicure.  Just.  Do.  It.

If you have never worn makeup, now you are grown and it is time. If you don’t know how, just go to any makeup counter in any department store and they will teach you.  Avon will teach you.  Mary Kay will teach you.  Elizabeth Arden will teach you.  I will teach you!

When I taught kindergarten, my class took a field trip with the pre-schoolers.  A young mother who looked like the original Ivory Girl, passed me her four-year-old, whom I had never before seen.  She slipped her hand in mine and never spoke a word, but when I sat, she snuggled next to me.  This kid turned her sweet little face up to me and stared. She stared at me for the whole bus ride.   She stared when we all climbed on the fire engine.  She even stared in lieu of sliding down the fire pole, and she stared all the way back to the school.  As we  disembarked from the school bus, still clutching my hand, she finally spoke.

“I just have to get you for my teacher, next year!” said she.  “You are just the best teacher in the whole wide world — I think it must be all that makeup.”

Out of the mouths of babes…



Author: nancyspeaking

Nancy Taylor is an author and a former national keynote speaker and consultant for educators. She is retired and spends her time with her husband and two standard poodles in a country setting in Michigan, tending her perennial gardens and her Dutch show rabbits.

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