Nancy’s Quarantine Jingle

My hair is long,
My roots are gray,
My friends are told
To stay away.

My nails are split,
My polish chipped,
My poodles’ coats
Have not been clipped.

My worries ache,
My heels are cracked,
My nerves are frayed
And Jeff is sacked.

My rabbits breed;
My totals mount.
My checking sum
is no-account

My larder’s full,
My yard is groomed,
My garden’s Preened
So, weeds are doomed.

My Fitbit cheers –
My footsteps soar
My laundry’s done
I scrubbed the floor.

My sleep is deep,
My scale drops weight,
My books are read,
I own my fate.

Author: nancyspeaking

Nancy Taylor is an author and a former national keynote speaker and consultant for educators. She is retired and spends her time with her husband and two standard poodles in a country setting in Michigan, tending her perennial gardens and her Dutch show rabbits.

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