I am deeply disturbed by the notion that is all over the media, these days, that it is bad to raise the taxes of some, but not others; that it is okay to raise the taxes of citizens earning more than $400,000 per year, but not those who make less. NO! We are supposed to be equal. We should each pay an equal percentage of what we earn. We are told not to discriminate, but now would-be government leaders preach that it is okay to discriminate against the rich. If our government can decide that someone can be too rich, they can decide that someone can be too fat, too old, too sick, too black or too white. It is not okay to discriminate against anybody! It is not only discriminatory to tax the wealthy differently from everyone else, it is elitist and profoundly counterproductive. A huge reason that the USA became a great nation is because in America any person can achieve success and wealth. In a free-market, capitalist economy, people are motivated to work harder and achieve more because they can be successful. If our government caps wealth and penalizes people who are wildly successful, we reduce motivation and we undermine success. In fact, we erode one of the basic characteristics that makes the USA the USA. If our government is allowed to decide how much earning is too much earning, there will cease to be a reason to earn. The wealthy already pay more, because they earn more. Fair enough, but they should not be taxed differently, simply because they are wealthy. Tax incentives for big business, are now relabeled “tax breaks,” to create an illusion that the wealthy are treated better by our government and should be penalized. No. Tax incentives exist to encourage investment, employment, growth and charity by the people who can do the most good because they have the most money. Tax incentives exist because in the United States of America, we are supposed to encourage our citizens, not control them. If the government is allowed to implement this idea of controlling the wealth, the development of life-saving drugs and treatments will slow, the economy will slow, charitable giving will screech to a halt, and these are just a few of the disasters that will occur if we sanction a government that has the audacity to decide for its citizens how much is too much. A hallmark of the United States is that what’s mine does not belong to the state. It is wonderful if a person wishes to share, but in America it is his or her decision what to do with what belongs to him. We are teaching our children that successful people somehow owe them. We are teaching our children to disdain the successful, not emulate them. We are teaching our children to accept a government that can decide for a citizen, how much earning is too much earning. We are clipping the wings of the our mighty eagle, and it just may go extinct.

Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

Author: nancyspeaking

Nancy Taylor is an author and a former national keynote speaker and consultant for educators. She is retired and spends her time with her husband and two standard poodles in a country setting in Michigan, tending her perennial gardens and her Dutch show rabbits.

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